Drugs workshop, Inspiration Wall, Primary 7’s and SubZero


Last week we had a staggering 284 attendances at the Youth Complex!

87 of those were as part of our new Primary 7’s project helping young people bridge the gap between primary and secondary school. We’re now in our 5th week of the Primary 7 Drop-In and it’s going great with the nubers staying high and young people enjoying a wide range of activities.

Our Inspirational Wall is starting to come together with young people having started to write their dreams, hopes and aspirations for the future on it. Some of them can be seen in the pictures. Derek will continue to work on the wall until all the brick have been ‘inspired’ by our young people. Finished photo’s will be up on the website soon.

Young people have started filling in all the bricks

Young people have started filling in all the bricks

Alex, one of our new volunteers delivered her very first drugs awareness workshop. She has put together a pack with lots of information and games which can be used to educate young people of all ages about the dangers of drugs. After the successful delivery of the workshops, Alex has invited drug awareness project Crew 2000 to the Youth Complex on Tuesday night from 5-6pm to do another workshop for the volunteer team. We’re looking forward to that one!

Subzero Poster 15th MarchSubzero has been announced and we’re delighted to have Clyde 1’s George Bowie doing the GBX live in the Youth Complex on Saturday 15th March. Tickets are £5 and are available in the Youth Complex. Other DJ’s on the night include DJ Daza Stuart, DJ Grant Syme and Charles T.Lang. Should be another brilliant night that you won’t want to miss!

Our student Jodie is also working with a group of primary 7’s to plan a Subzero for under 12’s in the Youth Complex. The group all have some great ideas and hopefully it’ll be happening before the end of the school year.

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